Information on Medical Contraindications of High Ventilation Breathwork


If you have any of the medical contraindications (see below) you may need to do a musical journey without the breathwork. Please discuss with Nissa as some are relative and some are absolute contraindications. Musical journeys can also be profound and moving experiences. 

Neurodynamic breathwork is a type of high ventilation breathwork set to moving and evocative music that can produce expanded states of awareness and spark deep inner work.

Please allow for two hours. Nissa will first go over introductory information and then the breathwork session will begin. 

-Aneurysms (if either you have had an aneurysm or if more than one person in your immediate family (parents, siblings, children) has had one)
-Prior physical injuries that are not fully healed and could be re-injured through intense movement.
-Panic disorder (breathwork can trigger panic in some people
-PTSD (Many people have profound healing experiences but if you currently have symptoms of severe PTSD, make sure to check in with Nissa before doing breathwork. It is important that you have a solid support structure to work with what might come up during the session and a willingness to process through the emotions that may come up.)